Are we masking the harm done?Are we masking the harm done?


WHAT will be done


Many people (including our students, their parents and educators) are not fully aware of the harm disposable masks are doing on the environment. So after helping the students to learn more through research and watching some video clips, they will carry out a survey to check how many of our students and teachers use disposable masks on a daily basis for school and how many use cloth masks. As they become more aware of the impact of the waste problem caused by the irresponsible disposal of used disposable masks, students will write messages to share their concern and put forward practical suggestions to the local councils to start addressing this problem by installing bins for disposable masks around their villages. In this way, masks will not be thrown outside here and there.  They will also prepare video messages which will be sent to the local councils around Gozo, the Minister of Gozo, the Minister of Education, the Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Planning and shared on social media. so that the message is spread far and wide on the importance of using cloth rather than disposable masks. Lastly they will place a DPFM (Disposable Protective Face Masks) Bin in a strategic place in the school grounds, explain to all students and educators how to dispose of their masks, and ask cleaners to empty the bin only into the bin for recyclables.



WHERE it will take place




Victoria, Gozo
Palm Street
St Francis School

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


St Francis School
# Educational Establishment

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will it happen?

Dates of the proposed action:

20/11/21, 21/11/21, 22/11/21, 23/11/21, 24/11/21, 25/11/21, 26/11/21, 27/11/21, 28/11/21


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