Running and reducing and recyclingRunning and reducing and recycling


WHAT will be done


We will be organising a road race on 21 November, we have 5km run for adults, 3km run for under 18s and 1km runs for under 12s. Various runners from all running clubs in Malta have applied for this event.

Running shoes is the biggest waste running as a sport produces, this is because they get worn out quickly after completing some milage. These shoes will however be still good for other purposes such as walking or doing any other actuivties. Same with gym clothes, we often apply for races and we are given a free t shirt, at times these are not used.

We contacted AWAS the Agency for the Welfare of Asylum Seekers, and they are happy to accept our donation.

We shall be organising a collection of unused gym clothes and shoes and we will be donating them.

Furthermore we intend on promoting various ways to reduce rubbish at source.



WHERE it will take place




St. Edwards Street
De La Salle College
CSP 9021

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


La Salle Athletics Club
# Association/NGO

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