At the Supermarket with a Difference


WHAT will be done


Following the success that we’ve acquired in the previous years in the transition to a waste-free lunch first with our students at our school and then by meeting people at the Market Place within our school’s boundaries, this time we decided to promote waste-free lunches in lunch boxes at a Supermarket in the Nothern side of the Maltese Island.

As we are always on the lookout for small changes that make a real difference in the world we wanted to show people how we, as individuals, can reduce the amount of trash that we generate, as we believe that simple things can lead to great achievements.

Students were asked to bring to school old/unused/unwanted lunchboxes from their homes and relatives so that we will be able to promote better the concept of less packaging.

Knowing that these bags are extremely convenient, but aware that they are consuming too much waste and therefore it results in an unhealthy environment, we want to make the people at the Supermarket aware about the importance of reducing waste by using lunch boxes instead of plastic or paper bags, aluminium foil and wax paper etc.. for their lunch. Children will go out to the New Supermarket place together with their class teachers and take the leadership role to be in charge for this challenge, whilst making the people aware about the harm being done to the environment when discarding plastic/paper bags, aluminium foil and wax paper.

They will create a friendly environment and manage to convince the people who happen to be at the Supermarket to go for a waste free lunch by using lunch boxes. To encourage them more, lunch boxes are to be distributed for free of charge to the people as children will emphasise that everyone can reduce the amount of waste by delivering the same functionality.

Enthusiastically, to spread widely the message about the importance of reducing waste, children will carry out slogans and encourage people to reduce waste. Slogans were also created at our school from reused material.


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Steeple street

Action Developer

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St. Francis Primary School Cospicua
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School Project Coordinator


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