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It is the activity of cleaning the area in Cüneyt locality of Sındırgı District of Balıkesir Province, which is used as a picnic area by the citizens, and Balıkesir Street and Sevgi Road in the district centre. The main purpose of the activity carried out jointly with public institutions and organisations in the district, Sındırgı Municipality staff, university students, all schools and the people of the district
Collecting the garbage thrown into nature by acting in cooperation with public institutions and organisations, students and the people of the district, then separating the wastes suitable for recycling, evaluating and reusing those suitable for recycling from the separated wastes.
The separated recyclable paper and plastic wastes are processed in the workshops established in Akpınar Life Centre and transformed into new products, souvenirs and decorative materials by our women and disabled people who are members of the Bereket Versin Women’s Cooperative trained in the recycling of waste.
It is aimed to recycle packaging and newspaper wastes, to provide economic income to both our women and disabled people, and to realise economic transformation by giving newspaper and packaging wastes a second chance of use. These activities will contribute to the reduction and reuse of waste.
European Waste Reduction Week activities will also be held in schools in the district and it is aimed to raise awareness among students that not all waste is rubbish.
Within the scope of the announced event, “THE CLEANEST STREET” will be selected in the district centre and the houses on this route will be awarded with flowers by our municipality.


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Sındırgı Belediye Başkanlığı
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22/11/22, 23/11/22 ,


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