Atık İlaç Detoksu! (Pharmaceutical Drug Waste: Time to Detox!)


WHAT will be done


In Turkey, due to lack of information and awareness country-wide, waste management at household level remains to be a foreign concept. The culture of waste reduction or even waste recycling is yet to be created. As an EU candidate country, creation of a waste management culture is part of Turkey’s undertakings to access the European Union. Therefore, any action that aims to create awareness in waste management is welcomed by the EU, as well as by the environmentalist groups.

Among the household waste are pharmaceutical drugs. In Turkey, the majority of the expired or unused drugs are thrown in garbage with the rest of the domestic waste or into the sewage system. Many people are not aware of the damage this misapplication causes to the environment, and those who are aware of its effects, lack information on where to throw such forms of waste.

The main objective of the action is to raise awareness regarding the damage drug waste causes on the environment on one hand, and to inform people on how to dispose of such waste on the other. In this respect, we will invite people to join the action by compiling their drug waste and bringing them to the pharmaceutical drug waste collection points to be permanently disposed of by ÇEKOOP – an environmentalist cooperative legally authorized to collect and dispose pharmaceutical drug waste.


WHERE it will take place



Ankara, İzmir, Denizli

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


reSimple Sustainability & CSR Consulting
# Business/Industry

How can you get in contact:

Phone: +905305276470
Facebook: @reSimplenews (reSimple Sustainability & CSR Consulting)
Instagram: @resimplenews @atikilacdetoksu
Twitter: @reSimplenews


will it happen?

Dates of the proposed action:

17/11/2018, 18/11/2018, 19/11/2018, 20/11/2018, 21/11/2018, 22/11/2018, 23/11/2018, 24/11/2018, 25/11/2018


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