Attard Scout Group Goes Green


WHAT will be done


Promotion of initiatives taken during summer camp 2019.

The Attard Scout Group has already undertaken a number of environmentally initiatives starting in the Summer of 2019 and executed during the annual summer camp of 2019.

Activities undertaken:

Commitment to waste separation during 8 day long summer camp where we contacted local council for information and support.
Lobbying with campsite administrator to upgrade campsite infrastructure to support waste separation.
Contacted Wasteserv Malta (local waste management support organisation) who sponsored 5 large 120L wheelie bins and came to our camp to give educational talks.
Verbal advice to scouts to reduce waste; use reusable water bottles, only take the food you can eat and to recycle where possible.
Information Stand on waste and the environment held by a boy scout during the BBQ.
Clean up of campsite and surrounding area with collected waste properly disposed of.
Switch away from single use plastic during fund raising bbq of 200 persons via appeal with parents to bring their own cup, purchase of reusable metal cutlery for use in fund raising events, use of paper biodegradable plates with appeal to reuse between meal courses. Further actions are planned for next year including appeal for bring of plate as well as cups and purchase of table clothes to avoid waste paper table covers.


WHERE it will take place




Triq il-Gradilja
76, Biccerija il-Qadima
ATD 2337

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Attard Scout Group
# Association/NGO

How can you get in contact:

Contact via FB message


will it happen?

Dates of the proposed action:

17/11/2019, 20/11/2019, 24/11/2019


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