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Bettiwears mission is to inspire people to fall in love with pre-loved fashion and the planet. Our education and promotion on the subject is continuous however during the course of EWRW our focus will be stronger on the awareness and education of choosing pre-loved fashion over new.
Bettiwears is also being invited on National TV and radio to explain the concept of our business and the importance for people to not throw away their clothes!
Bettiwears will also be carrying out a campaign on Lovin Malta during the course of the EWRW explaining our concept, mission and how people can do their part.
Bettiwears will be participating in the Eco Market – Christmas Green Fair happening on 19-20 November (weather permitting). If it cannot take place on these dates because of the weather this will then be postponed to 3-4 December. (Eco Market is a social enterprise advocating for environmental sustainability through responsible consumption).
Bettiwears will throughout the course of the EWRW focus its social media communication on awareness and education of reducing, reusing and the importance of limiting the purchase of new garments.
On Friday 25th November, since it also happens to be black Friday Bettiwears will carry out a sale promotion of up to 50% from its online store.


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