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STMicroelectronics has various waste streams which are classified as manufacturing wastes, packing and packaging waste and general waste. All the waste is carefully managed through sorting and disposal via the appropriate channels.

As a worldwide industry, ST strives to reduce to zero the quantity of hazardous waste in landfill, remain among the best in class companies with a reuse and recycle rate at 90% or more and remain among the best in class companies with land filled waste rate at 3% or less.

ST is also very proud to have an EHS Decalogue, available to all of its employees and one which includes a chapter on Waste Management. This will definitely raise more awareness on our waste management strategies and help improve the situation of waste around the site in Malta.

ST Malta, with the help of its employees, has come up with a number of exciting initiatives to keep on improving the management of waste around the site. These initiatives include:

1. Waste Labels initiative with a recognition – We have updated our waste labels and have sent out a communication to our departments to use these labels in their areas. This will encourage waste separation and waste reduction but also create awareness amongs our employees on the importance of segregation. Those who will implement this initiative and improve the situation of waste management in their department will be awarded/ given recognition.

2. Waste Manual for Hazardous waste- The Manual will include the types of waste stored in our flammable storage cabinets, including hazard pictograms, storage instructions and disposal instructions.

3. Specially designed bins- Bins used in production areas.

4. Dissemination of EHS decalogue

5. Composting canteen food waste- We want to raise awareness about home composting by organizing an event during the EWWR and do a composting trial at ST. We will be providing guided booklets/leaflets to our employees. Any waste that we manage to compost will be used for our special ST garden.


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STMicroelectronics Malta
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20/11/2017, 21/11/2017, 22/11/2017, 23/11/2017, 24/11/2017


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