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The initiative is promoted by Cartiera, Sector B (production branch) of the Social Cooperative Abantu, an ethical fashion laboratory that produces leather and fabric goods, with low environmental impact. Cartiera reuses raw materials scraps otherwise destined for disposal, coming both from the end stream of supply chains of major brands in high fashion industry, and from firms linked to the EFI program located in developing countries. Since 2017 Cartiera has trained and hired artisans in vulnerable conditions, including migrants and asylum seekers, contributing to the socioeconomic integration of its employees. Inclusion, made in Italy and circular economy are the essence of Cartiera workshop, that produces items designed and realised through a sustainable production cycle.

The initiative invites citizens to a workshop for the restoration of leather goods. Participants will be asked to bring items such as leather bags, backpacks, purses, card cases or belts in need of repair. The activity will be held by the master craftsman and the director of Cartiera workshop: during the activity, the damages of the items will be analysed, and possible reparation treatment will be described. Participants will be given notions of leather cleaning and care and artisan restoration techniques that can bring an item to a second life, preserving it for the long run.

Part of the activity will be dedicated to aspects related to leather, conservation, and the differences between leather and eco-leather. The aim of the workshop is to raise awareness of the value of craftsmanship and the construction process, within a reflection on the durability of leather products. The care of objects is a pivot in the communication of the Cartiera workshop.


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Italy - Emilia Romagna


Via Boldrini

Action Developer

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Abantu soc. Coop. Sociale
# Association/NGO

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