Bazaar “ŠAŠA”


WHAT will be done


Bazaar "ŠaŠa" is a project whose activities are focused on the support EWWR for 2015, on the theme of "dematerialisation – doing more with less": the organization of creative workshops to create new products from discarded. The organization Art workshop for 20 direct beneficiaries of the project, aims to network creative people who want to learn, share knowledge and collaborative teamwork organized Bazaar "ŠaŠa" that will enable them to self-employment through the very popular GREEN JOB. Project Coordinator Alma Hrasnica is also an active participant in the workshop. With a concrete creative work in the workshop, and educating others she designed the visual identity of the project, launching FACEBOOK profile through which after the end of the celebration of EWWR 2015 will continue to work. The goal is networking with similar creative ideas through Bazaar "ŠaŠa" as a great virtual space that allows them a great promotion and reach potential customers.
Promote logo Bazaar "ŠaŠa" as synonymous support Green Job and stimulate the customer to find exactly the appropriate gift for any occasion, or order a revitalization of some of his old things, knowing that in the Bazaar "ŠaŠa" find the best solutions offered. Participants of creative workshops are creative people with disabilities, whose work is not known because they are not advertised. The workshop aims to promote inclusion.
At the workshop we will make mosaics and ornaments of plastic caps, patterned tiles from PVC caps, jewelry made from seals, decoupage, scarves of resto materials seamstress and similar items.


WHERE it will take place


Bosnia and Herzegovina



Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Green Art
# Association/NGO

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facebook: green art


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