Beautifying the Environment of Workplace – ‘The Sleeping Mermaid’


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I wish to participate by representing the Department of Contracts with this composition called ‘Beautifying the Environment of Workplace’ with the main piece of art being’The Sleeping Mermaid’ among others. Many people are fascinated by this mythical character, the Mermaid, and I found some wonderful pictures but I am trying to simplify the project. In this department, the colleagues instead of wasting the plastic, cardboard and other waste we collect it, in order that I will be able create art with them.

I focus on beauty and I abhor waste and monotony so my ambition here is to make use of many discarded things. In this project my intention is to bring beauty to the offices and the department I work in. Given the opportunity and support by the Director, I wish to create a spectacular environment. I make use mostly of the discarded bottles and many other things like broken jewelry and decorated glass, that are given to me by my colleagues and friends at work, since they all support me.

I have been experimenting for years with many mediums at an artistic level but recently I have been experimenting with broken glass. A year ago, I started to experiment with plastic bottles and when modified the plastic has a beautiful effect. I treat each project individually and use my imagination and artistic eye to create a piece of art with value. The intention is to bring beauty and value to the things we call waste. My intention is to show the people in general, especially our children, who are the new generation and the future citizens, how to change the perception of waste and bring appreciation to nature and all other environments, our homes or workplace included.


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Notre Dame Ravelin

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Department of Contracts
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