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We are a civic association focusing on promoting the circulation of things instead of linear schemes with the things ending after short use in the waste bin. Our mission is to raise awareness of the environmental issues, particularly the circular economy, possibilities to minimize waste generation by repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing products and materials to ensure their re-use, which provides for extension of their life cycle and use time.
Four times a year we organize a flea market called blŠaliak and in the autumn we join with a Slovak initiative called „No money zone“ whose main idea is the exchange of things and clothes on events organised in many places throughout the country.
On 23. November 2019 we will have an indoor event where we run a flea market and where “No money zone” is set up in the dedicated section. On the flea market, around 20 registered sellers offer their various “flea stuff” to the visitors. For exchange of things in the “No money zone” no registration is needed. Anybody can bring anything, that may have value for somebody else. Things and clothes left after the event will be distributed to charity. The event will be enriched by many interesting accompanying activities, such as small theatre performance, creative zone, play zone and other program for children. Because the event will take place during the European week for waste reduction, we will also have two presentations on this topic to get people involved. First presentation will be focused on reduction of bio waste by home composting (“Composting simply”), second on introducing a handful of concrete ideas how to reduce waste at households (“Storm of ideas for less waste”).
An interactive magnetic board describing the waste hierarchy and promoting the most preferable levels of it (waste prevention and re-use) will be available at the event.
The entry to this event is free of charge. More info can be found here:


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M.R. Štefánika

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blŠaliak (civic association)
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