Building from discarded material


WHAT will be done


1. Tool Shed – We had received donation of various tools and out of date paint so a small lockage storage was required.
Materials used: An aluminum door, 2 windows from an old building, wood planes stripped from pallets, old wardrobe doors used for ceiling and an apex roof made from 8 x 8 plastic planks redeemed from old bathroom.

2. Tack Room – We had many saddles, bridles, horse blankets and coats which needed a storage area.
Materials used: old wardrobe doors used for doors, shelving from inside old wardrobe, 8 x 8 plastic t/c planks. The roof made from metal sheets that had fallen from the roof of an old hanger.

3. Hay Cart – Volunteers carried bags of hay one at a time from the stables to the paddocks.
Materials used: a sheet of old plane flooring was used for the base. On each side and front and back, metal grids were used taken from windows of the old hanger. A broken old trotting cart was cut and utilized for the moving parts.

4. Dog Pen – We needed a secure dog house and run to ensure our four dogs are locked away to avoid them straying onto adjoining farm and worrying other livestock when no volunteers were on site.
Materials used: various wooden boxes were stripped to reuse the wood, 4×4 wooded posts donated by a volunteer were used. The roof was made waterproof by way of a large polyteen sheet that had been used for advertising. The dog pen was completed with sheets of metal grids normally used to enforce concrete floors.

5. Hard Feed Storage: We needed a secure storage due to the rats on site chewing into the bags.
Materials used: 2 large compressed flipboards, freight container complete with chipboard lids were donated. These were placed upright and bolted together, then placed out on a platform made from pallet wood. The shelves were made from off cuts of chipboard. The lids were cut into four and made into doors. A metal tray which had housed electrics was placed upside down to make the roof. The finished product was painted with used motor oil to make it water proof.


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Fleur De Lys

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Raymond Shepherd
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20/11/2017, 21/11/2017, 22/11/2017, 23/11/2017, 24/11/2017


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