Büyükçekmece Municipality-European Week for Waste Reduction


WHAT will be done


1- Zero Waste Exhibition

In the Upcycling Library that we established with teachers of Ömer Gültekin Yavuz Selim Primary School from our district; products designed from waste glass, waste metals, worn out tires and waste textile products will be exhibited to the school students.

2-“ Crossroads at Energy Workshop” Union of Aegean and Marmara Environmentalist Municipalities

In the workshop, which will consist of “Renewable Energy and Our Future” and “Renewable Energy in Local Governments” sessions, topics about “How Renewable Energy Will Affect our Lives”, “Climate Change and Renewable Energy”, “Renewable Energy Problems and Solution Suggestions,” projects and investments implemented in other municipalities will be discussed. It will be held in Sunday, 27 November at 11.00 am in Kaya İstanbul Fair & Convention Büyükçekmece/İSTANBUL.

3-Istanbul Arel University Zero Waste Seminar

The seminar on Zero Waste, which will be held during the European Week for Waste Reduction, will be held at Kemal Gözükara Campus together with Arel University Environment and Sustainability Club.

4-Information Sessions in Housing Estates and Village Headmans’ Offices

Information sessions which will be organized with the theme of ‘Circular Sustainable & Textile will be held on waste management processes, starting with the prevention of waste generation in the housing estates and village headmans’ offices, up until the reduction of wastes, separate accumulation at the source, temporary storage, separate collection, recycling and disposal.

5-Education in Primary and Secondary Schools

Along with the students in the primary and secondary schools throughout our district, our teachers will be trained on zero waste and recycling of textile waste between 19-27 November.

6-Technical Trip on Waste’s Journey

It is planned to organize a trip to CSF (Collection Separation Facility) with our primary and secondary school students and teachers to show the students the recycling process of packaging waste.


WHERE it will take place




İstanbul, Büyükçekmece
Fatih Neighborhood, Şehremini Street

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Büyükçekmece Municipality
# Administration/Public Authority

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Dates of the proposed action:

19/11/22, 20/11/22, 21/11/22, 22/11/22, 23/11/22, 24/11/22, 25/11/22, 26/11/22, 27/11/22


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