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Students representing the school committee together with other enthusiastic students met together and discussed the importance of waste minimization. As they all agreed that this is a big problem which is affecting our planet, they planned some activities that instead of throwing away unwanted material are to be shifted to new things.
Students are to bring empty unwanted plastic ‘jerry cans’ which are useless from their homes, their relatives and also their neighbours:- (so to reach more people and widen the awareness of waste minimisation) to create ‘book stands’. These ‘book stands’ are to be placed in the classrooms, in the offices and around our school instead of buying new ones. By means of this we will not only be minimizing waste but also giving a new life to what was suppose to be wasted.
Responsible students will take the role to explain all this to parents, the visitors and all other people on Parents’ Day and will also be published on our school FB page and on our school website to reach more people in the outer community and to raise more awareness


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St. Francis School

Action Developer

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st francis school
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20/11/2017, 21/11/2017, 22/11/2017, 23/11/2017, 24/11/2017


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