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WHAT will be done


It’s a combination of learning and playing action, which intends to inform children and promote new environmental behaviour.The action consists of rich audiovisual material and includes interactive games tailored to the participants’ age groups.
Initially, there is a presentation for children which focuses on the most up-to-date environmental issues, concepts and practices that are at the same time priority areas of this week. In particular, it focuses on food waste, protecting the marine environment from waste as well as preventing its production and additionally on good waste management practices for electrical and electronic equipment and on the concepts of reuse and repair.
The interactive part of the event includes environmental issues and practices that become part of creative activities and games, as they seek to provide children with practical and experiential knowledge and abilities on the environmental topics presented earlier.
Furthermore, in the framework of the specific action, children will be asked to bring broken electrical and/or electronic devices in order to be placed in the special recycling bin, already located in the sports hall.


WHERE it will take place




Kosta Varnali
132 31

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Center for Growth and Entrepreneurship (KE.A.EP)
# Association/NGO

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Vernadou Anna -


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