Christmas Village


WHAT will be done


As part of the EWWR action Dar il-Kaptan’s initiative is about the concept of reuse and preparing for reuse. We are all geared up in preparation for the festive period. This year it was unanimously agreed that all clients ‘activities will encompass the spirit of reusing as an action or practice of using something again to fulfill a different function. All Christmas decorations will be using different waste ranging from pallets; wicker; unused clothes; tires; shredded paper amongst others. In our outdoor area a Christmas crib was made out of pallets and wicker wood. Unused clothes will be put on manikins made of pallets to represent the family of the nativity scene and a major with pallets will be done. Apart from that, old glass globes which were to be thrown away will be transformed into Christmas decorations to guide to the crib. A large snowman will be created out of unused tires. The later will be put in the entrance whilst a manikin will be transformed in a Christmas father. Across the garden different decorations will be constructed out of pallets like Christmas tree; lantern handle holder and Christmas father letter box made from cardboard/ used newsletters and pipe.
The above will be incorporated during the clients ‘daily activities thus they form part of this project. The garden will be enjoyed by all our clients with disabilities and their families. Moreover, it will be enjoyed by the community of Mtarfa. All decorations will be stored appropriately to be used each year.


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Dar il-Kaptan

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Foundation for Respite Care Services
# Association/NGO

How can you get in contact:
Posters and our facebook page.


will it happen?

Dates of the proposed action:

16/11/2019, 17/11/2019, 18/11/2019, 19/11/2019, 20/11/2019, 21/11/2019


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Reuse and preparing for reuse

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