Creating Maths Resources from Packaging Waste


WHAT will be done


Summary of Proposal:
The aim of the project is to promote waste reduction in our day to day teaching and learning amongst all stakeholders namely students, Kindergarten Assistants, parents and community members. We aim to help Kindergarten Assistants create Mathematical resources together with students to make Maths a more meaningful, emergent, fun and playful subject. We also intend to reach out to parents/grandparents by helping them understand that teaching resources and aids can easily be made at home with materials we usually throw away, thus reducing the amount of packaging waste.
This project will take place during the event of the European Week for Waste Reduction taking place between the 19th and 27th November. Packaging waste reduction is the theme for the year 2016.
The activities planned during this week will pave the way to further motivate stakeholders become more aware of the waste they produce and become more creative in designing various other resources using packaging waste. By the end of this scholastic year, we also intend to continue developing the project by investing in outdoor recycled Maths resources which will help our students become more investigative from an early age. This will include a Maths shed using recycled pellets and wood, giant floor resources and a shop using various packaging materials.

Body of Proposal:
Part 1 – Reaching out to Kindergarten Assistants and students
A series of Maths activities have been designed by the Maths Support Teacher within the College. These activities all include resources which can be made using packaging materials easily found at home and which can easily be reused and/or recycled.
One activity will be chosen by each Kindergarten Assistant. The resources outlined in each activity will be materialized during the week outlined above. Students will be involved in the creation of the resource and encouraged to provide materials from home. The delivery of this prepared activity will also be carried out during this week and the learning outcome will be shared amongst staff.
The resources created will be permanently used during Maths activities throughout the years. Resources intended to be made this week are listed below, with the packaging materials used to make them written in the brackets:
• Bottle cap ordering (bottle caps)
• Dominoes (used cardboard, bottle caps)
• Dotty bingo (used cardboard, bottle caps)
• Junk models (used boxes and packaging material)
• Lids (used lids)
• Number bingo (used cardboard, bottle caps)
• Plastic bottle number bowling (used plastic bottles)
• Number grid (used cardboard, bottle caps)
• Plastic bottle number recognition, counting and sorting (used plastic bottles)
• Omelette sort (used plastic eggs, used plastic lids)
• Ten green bottles (green plastic bottles)
• Adding machine (used paper tubes, used boxes)
• Toilet paper roll math (toilet paper rolls)
• Exploring capacity (different plastic containers)
• The very hungry caterpillar (pringles can)
• Car parking number game (cardboard box)
• Hanger balance (used hangers, yoghurt/ricotta/butter containers)
• Colour sort pom pom drop (kitchen/wrapping paper tubes, cardboard shoe box)


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Triq Grognet
Maria Regina College Mosta Primary A
MST 3612

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Maria Regina College Mosta Primary A
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Assistant Head


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21/11/2016, 22/11/2016, 23/11/2016, 24/11/2016, 25/11/2016


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