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WHAT will be done


An intensive awareness campaign to teach students, parents and teachers about Hazardous Waste Prevention. Information leaflet about the risk to the environment and to our health, that hazardous waste generates and the importance to prevent it, and to reduce the amount of it being thrown away will be given to all families. Possible examples of alternative natural products instead of chemicals, will also be promoted. Students will reach the students’ parents on parents’ day to raise more awareness in their homes and then to reach the outer community by also implementing actions at school and outside the school.
Throughout the EWWR we decided to go ‘HAZARDOUS FREE’. Teachers and students will make household cleaning products by using safe and degradable ingredients and use them together with our ‘cleaning staff‘ at school to show to all students and teachers that there is always a safer way for this. By means of lemon juice, vinegar, olive/essential oil, washing & baking soda we will be able to have floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner, toilet & tile cleaner, and air fresheners.
With these healthy substances first we will make our school clean and then we will go to an old people home, talk about hazardous waste, distribute leaflets and explain why we are using our products. Then we will join the cleaning staff for a joint activity with the outer community. This activity is being done to show that hazardous waste is very harmful for our environment and for our health, and how we can avoid it by using safe products as it is very essential in our lives. This activity will be promoted on our school’s website and Facebook page.


WHERE it will take place




steeple street

Action Developer

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st francis school
# Educational Establishment

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Dates of the proposed action:

17/11/2018, 18/11/2018, 19/11/2018, 20/11/2018, 21/11/2018, 22/11/2018, 23/11/2018, 24/11/2018, 25/11/2018


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