Did you eat your plate empty?


WHAT will be done


Did you eat your plate empty is a information campaign held at school restaurants. The Finnish choldren has a right to eat a free lunch every school day at school restaurant. Unfortunately the children take more food on their plates than they will eat. The leftovers will be put into biowaste.

During the campaign there will be posters at the restaurant buffet and at the dish return point. The posters remind to take food only as much as the children will eat and to think their hunger before they load the plate with food.

The school teachers may take part of the campaign with platepass. It is a pass for 60 lunch times. A student gets a ok-sign to the pass if he returns the plate empty (= has eaten all the food from the plate). There are rewards times at the pass, so the teacher can give some perks to those who manage to take food only as much they eat on several times during the campaign and the weeks after (till Christmas break for example).


WHERE it will take place




Pori and neighbour communities

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


The City of Pori Environmental Agency
# Administration/Public Authority

How can you get in contact:

waste adviser


will it happen?

Dates of the proposed action:

21/11/2016, 22/11/2016, 23/11/2016, 24/11/2016, 25/11/2016


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