Beci DIY workshop: make your own cleaning products


WHAT will be done


Have you ever tried making your own household cleaning products? At the Brussels Chamber of Commerce, employees will learn how to do so using environmentally-friendly ingredients.

These ingredients will be bought in bulk, whenever possible, or at least in large quantities to share. The containers for the products will be taken from the office waste (selectively sorted glass jars or plastic bottles).

The aim of the workshop is to show employees how simple it can be to make your own household cleaning products, but also to highlight the benefits of environmentally-friendly products, therefore avoiding future hazardous waste production.


WHERE it will take place


- Brussels


avenue Louise

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WHO will run the show


BECI - Brussels Enterprises Commerce and Industry
# Business/Industry

How can you get in contact:

This action is for BECI staff only. However, we will happily share information with others.

BECI, Brussels Enterprises Commerce and Industry, is the Brussels Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as the Union of Enterprises in Brussels (UEB).

Our activities related to environmental management of businesses are grouped under the "Brussels Green Network". In terms of waste prevention and management, we are the regional helpdesk for businesses. We also visit businesses to carry out diagnostics on current environmental management, with a focus on waste, and advise big and small companies on how to improve it.

You can contact us by writing to


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