Doing More with Less at Malta FreeportTerminals – The Way Forward!


WHAT will be done


1. Team-building Activity – Trekking & Zip Line Event Focusing on 'Doing More with Less at Malta Freeport Terminals and the importance of the 3Rs'

A Trekking and Zip Line Activity will be organised for around 20-25 employees of Malta Freeport Terminals from All the Departments.

During this event the participants will be divided into different groups and they will be discussing how dematerialisation can be used andhow it can be promoted at the Container Terminals. Combined with this activity we will also be organising a competition between the teams on dematerialisation and the initiatives being pursued by the Freeport to further promote the importance of the 3Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle. This will encourage participation amongst the group members.

During the activity, the employees will be challenged to ride the longest and fastest zip line in Malta. Mala Freeport chose this new and innovative activity, to encourage employees from various departments throughout the Company to participate and hence will be able to promote the dematerialisation concept and the importance of the 3Rs with its employees. In the weeks after the event, the Company will be sharing the outcome of the event on dematerialisation and the importance of the 3Rs with its employees, totalling over 750. The Freeport will be using its Internet site, flyers, and will also be organising various meetings / workshops on the topic for its various employees.

The employees participating in the Trekking & Zip Line Event’ will also be participating in a clean-up activity at the locality of Birzebbugia. The Teams leaders will also be planting trees in this locality. Malta Freeport will also be inviting the institutions that it sponsors to join its employees and participate in the clean-up event at Birzebbugia.

2. Car Boot Sale

Malta Freeport Terminals will be organising a car boot sale in the car park of its facilities. Employees will be encouraged to bring a wide range of products including clothes, books and magazines, houseware items etc. which they no longer use so that they will either swap such items with other employees or else sell them at a nominal selling price to encourage the employees and general public to buy and reuse such items. These items will be sold at a low price to encourage people to purchase such items and we will be in a position to meet the scope of the event. Malta Freeport Terminals will be promoting this event with its employees and with various companies operating from the Freeport. Furthermore we will also be asking the Birzebbugia Local Council to promote this initiative with the residents of the locality. Malta Freeport will also be promoting this event with a number of institutions that it sponsors on a regular basis.

3. Transport Pooling

During EWWR, the Freeport will be encouraging its employee to use transport pooling. The event will be extensively promoted with the Company's employees in advance of EWWR. The main scope of this activity is to encourage the employees to continue using this transportation method after EWWR.

4. Promoting the importance of the 3Rs with the employees of the offices and of the Container Terminals

4.1 Initiatives to be undertaken by Office Personnel particularly during Environment Day & EWWR 2015 to promote the importance of 3 Rs – Reduce – Reuse – Recycle. Such initiates include:

• Printing and Photocopying on both sides of the paper
• Not to print unless necessary
• Re-use Envelopes Policy
• Re-use letterheads and continuation sheets which are no longer used by the Freeport as the official stationary as rough paper and will also be distributing this paper to be used as rough paper by charitable institutions

• Turning off all equipment before leaving the office
• Air-conditioners to be switched off before leaving the office
• Switching off all lights in the offices
• Use mugs not disposable Cups
• Use of water dispenser machines to avoid having plastic bottles
• Separation of Waste in the offices
• Proper disposal of Batteries
• Invest in plants to produce more CO2 and Oxygen

4.2 The following are the initiatives regarding the 3Rs that will be encouraged to be undertaken by the employees working at the Containers Terminals

The Equipment Operators will be encouraged:

a) Not to litter the cabins of the equipment; b) To switch-off lights of the cranes during the day; c) Not to leave running unnecessarily the engines of tugs and lifters and d) To switch off the air conditioners when not required.

During this week, Container Terminals’ Employees will be encouraged to continue segregating waste at the Container Terminals. The following waste is being recycled or recovered and then it is being disposed of in an adequate manner through authorised contractors. Such waste includes:

• Metal
• Rubber
• Paper
• Batteries
• Waste Oil
• Oil Drums
• Cardboard

The office employees working at the Container Terminals will be encourage to use the measures highlighted in 4.1 above

5. Presentation to the School Children of Birzebbugia

Malta Freeport Terminal will be organizing once again a presentation to the school children of Birzebbgia regarding the various initiatives being pursued at the Freeport. During this year’s presentation the Freeport will be highlighting the various environmental benefits that the new cranes offer.

6. Sculpture / Photography

To commemorate Environment Day & EWWR 2015, the employees will be encouraged to participate in other activities, including:

• Building of a sculpture with slogans to convey the importance of dematerialisation and the 3Rs at the Contain Terminals

• Photographic competition related to the importance of promoting the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse & Recycling


WHERE it will take place




Birzebbgia / Kalafrana
Port of Marsaxlokk

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Malta Freeport Terminals Limited
# Business/Industry

How can you get in contact:
Director, HR, Health & Safety, Legal


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Dates of the proposed action:

23/11/2015, 24/11/2015, 25/11/2015, 26/11/2015, 27/11/2015, 28/11/2015, 29/11/2015


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