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Drink less Plastic (DLP) is a Campaign awareness of the reduction of water consumption in plastic bottles. On Saturday, 17 November 2018 there is an open seminar to present the results of the campaign DLP to the families of the Istituto Ventorino, one of the 6 schools that in 2018-2019 participate to the campaign
Plastic in bottled water is recyclable but not biodegradable and it could release toxic compounds in water, in case it is not safely stored. The exposure of human beings to plastic contaminants should be reduced to avoid accumulation effect and considering the pollution level along trophic chains, to reduce biomagnification effect. Recent data in South Italy estimate that only 10% bottled water is properly recycled; while the rest is polluting the environment. By informing family within schools about the risk of bottled water consumption, the Campaign is promoting a strong reduction at source.
A good alternative ad school could definitely be the tap water of good quality. The campaign offers a chemical, physical and microbiological analysis free of charge for the participating schools and consequently distributes the results of the water analysis to all the families. The on- line questionnaire about water consumption habits promotes additional information and collects data in real time. Data are then commented together with public opinion during public roundtable and questionnaire.
Finally, in the different schools, practical workshops of microbiological analysis of water samples are organized, proving a learn by doing motivation to students and teachers of different educational levels.


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Piazza Domenico Savio

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m.coci@microbeco.org, 3471373101, fb @microbeco,
TW @MicroEco_news


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