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A group of second year University students together with Year 11 students of Fashion & Textiles from St Clare’s College, Pembroke Secondary School, will work together to set up a school campaign to raise awareness about being sustainable citizens before purchasing textile items and during the use of these items (such as, clothing, and accessories). The students will focus their campaign on adopting the concept of ‘cradle to cradle’ rather than ‘cradle to grave’ when it comes to textiles. A weekly Repair Café is being organised during the month of November in preparation for this school campaign. These sessions are focusing on extending the life of students’ favourite and loved textile items by giving them a second chance. The students are taught basic sewing skills while doing simple repairs. These are being held every Friday during the school mid-day break. Extensive advertisements are being made in the school and on the school social media platforms to encourage students to bring their own items while learning to repair their own pieces. These Repair Café(s) will lead to the campaign being held on the 22nd November at the school where several stands will be set up with information posters. The University students will be available to explain to the younger students how to be more sustainable when choosing and using textile items. Various interactive activities will be organised and practical examples will be given on how to be sustainable in fashion and textiles. This campaign forms part of a study-unit that focuses on ‘Ethical Fashion and Textiles Recycling’. Following this campaign, a similar one will be organised on Campus to raise awareness on ethical fashion among students and staff at the University of Malta.


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Sandhurst Block
St. Clare College Pembroke Secondary School
PBK 1940

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St. Clare College Pembroke Secondary School
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