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As part of the European Waste Reduction Week, the Earth Systems Association is hosting a screening of one of the most poignant and eye-opening documentaries ever made. A Plastic Ocean illustrates the damage caused by irresponsible human waste management in regards to plastic, and the toll which has been suffered by both ecosystems and societies on a global scale. The documentary highlights current global issues of waste in the seas, whilst also tackling the best techniques and initiatives to reduce, reuse and recycle our plastics.

The event will take place on the 23rd November at 5pm in the KSU common room and will keep running till 9pm. ESA will also invite guest speakers, with professional experience in coastal and marine management, as well as waste management on a local and international level to answer any questions and participate in discussions relating to the subject area. The guest speakers are: Prof. Anton Micallef, who will share his expertise on ocean and coastal zone management and Dr. Margaret Camilleri Fenech, who is a green marketing and waste management expert.


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University of Malta
Students' House
MSD 2080

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Earth Systems Association (ESA), Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU)
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