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WHAT will be done


We will do the “conscious shopping action” as introduced by the EWWR Secretariat. In selected stores stopping shoppers before starting their shopping and teaching them about how to generate less waste by buying less packaging.
2-3 years ago we created a fridge magnet we used to teach people how to be conscious when doing the shopping; since we still have some,we will give them to the people before shopping:
It says: Environmentally conscious shopping = less waste
• shopping list,
• reusable shopping bag,
• buying in bulk,
• less packaged products,
• local seasonal products,
• reusable packaging

At the cashiers we will meet them again /to check whether they used the tips provided before in order to generate less waste/. The shopping bags could be given at this moment and helping them to pack the bought items.
Then they could be asked – that if they agree – to say the slogan of the PTD: (We/I) use less packaging! Later a short video could be created – we will do the recording with simple mobile phones we will see how it will work.Low budget things could be more realistic 🙂

We suggest to find a super/hypermarket where the customers are not really environmentally conscious. First we thought to realise the action in traditional markets to popularise them but there the audiance is quite conscious in a way already, so we plan to choose a bigger supermarket.We are in negotiation with LIDL, since they voluntarily joined the Week -so they are open to these issues. 🙂

We plan to go there with my colleagues for one-two days – the date is not fixed yet, but definitely it will be somewhen at the weekend to reach more people.


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Dates of the proposed action:

19/11/2016, 26/11/2017


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