Elimination of all use of balloons at Hiton Malta


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In the past a large number of balloons were routinely purchased and used by Housekeeping, Banqueting and Conference & Events departments to decorate rooms, public spaces and venues for birthdays, weddings and many other events. As has been often highlighted balloons do not bio-degrade and kill off many land and sea animals when ingested. As of September 2019 it has been decided by management that Hilton Malta will not purchase any more balloons for use in any of its operations. Furthermore, anyone organising any event at Hilton will be informed of this policy and urged to find alternative decorations if they had wanted to use balloons in their set-ups.

Although the action has already been implemented Management will use this week to advertise with its staff the new balloon policy and to emphasize how dangerous balloons can be to land and sea animals as well as the environment in general and urged to pass on the message to all their families and friends.

Not using balloons will also have another very important effect as it will reduce needless helium consumption. Helium is very important for use with medical equipment and is in very short supply (Helium does not stay within the atmosphere but is lost to outer space).


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St Julians
PTM 01

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Hilton Malta
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by email on james.bartolo@hilton.com


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Dates of the proposed action:

16/11/2019, 17/11/2019, 18/11/2019, 19/11/2019, 20/11/2019, 21/11/2019, 22/11/2019, 23/11/2019, 24/11/2019


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