Embellishing our locality with what we throw up


WHAT will be done



Recycling of used and broken pottery and ceramics to be transformed in the art of mosaic. The event will be held between the Band Club and the Football Club at J F De Chambray Street, Ghajnsielem on Saturday 18th November 2017 between 9:30am till noon.
Aim of activity
Mosaics can be created using recycled broken tile ceramics and glass, making them an eco-conscious art form from the get-go. Creating mosaics requires a keen eye for detail, as the items take on a puzzle-like quality. The use of lots of colors makes making mosaics an interesting art. All this can be used from remains of broken pottery and ceramics. The Council already embarked on a publicity campaign of the collection of broken pottery and ceramic remains which are being collected in a bin purposely set for this collection. The Council also promoted this campaign in the Primary school with young children and they were urged to encourage their parents to contribute in this recycling campaign. Together they embarked on a mosaic project which is now installed at the school entrance. The Council also organized a mosaic course in summer with the collaboration of St. Anthony’s convent, and the result of this course was also a piece of mosaic art installed near St. Anthony’s Church. The largest project of all was with the participance of all the locality. A whole stairs, comprising of 75 stairs, was done with mosaic with the participation of all the Ghajnsielem residents. Each stairs was made from a particular street’s residents. The end result is spectacular and the entire locality had the possibility to feel part of this project.

The Ghajnsielem Local Council recently establish a Team Mosaic under the direction of the mosaic artist Mary Portelli. Mosaic projects from recycled material are already underway. Infact an embellishment in a road central strip at Triq Wied ir-Rghajjes has already been done. These participants are so enthusiastic and have dabbled so much in mosaic-making, and have even shamelessly admitted to dumpster diving to collect as much recycled materials as possible. In fact, we installed a bin at the entrance of the Council’s office for the use of the general public to dump their broken remains in.
The aim of this workshop is to reach the zero pollution and in the same time we will be embellishing our locality by means of mosaic projects. It is also our aim to stick to the quote by El Anatsui, 2003 that “Art grows out of each particular situation, and I believe that artists are better off working with whatever their environment throws up.”
Methodology of activity
The Workshop will also cover:
• Sourcing and gathering materials
• Information about the importance of recycling
• Combining materials to achieve interesting effects
• Working with prompts to create a compelling design
• Combining materials to achieve interesting effects
• Various approaches to mosaic making
• Environmental constrains for certain materials
A selection of objects and surfaces to work on will be provided by the Local Council and participants can bring their own material with consent of instructor.

Informative stands about the importance of recycling of waste will be also provided by Wasteserv on the day.


WHERE it will take place




Triq J.F. De Chambrai

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Ghajnsielem Local Council
# Administration/Public Authority

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Email: ghajnsielem.lc@gov.mt
Phone: 21561515
facebook page: Ghajnsielem Local Council


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