Ending Food Waste:, Now, the Transition, the Future


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Based at the 2050 Youth Climate Summit:
‘We have flipped the “climate conference” concept on its head, and instead of focusing on climate change, this event will focus on how regions of Scotland will be affected by climate change, across the whole spectrum of sectors. It will provide participants with skills and understanding of how they can be future leaders. This is an opportunity for all young professionals (aged roughly 20-30) to learn about the challenges in all our futures and how to get ready for the low carbon transition we need. 2050 starts now!’

Ending Food Waste: Now, the Transition, the Future is a visual and interactive space where Food Waste will be presented in each of these areas in order to spark conversation, active learning, generate solutions and attempt to demonstrate how everything is connected.

The Now space will feature a stack of vegetables to representing what the average person disposes of a day multiplied by the number of delegates in attendance (roughly 200). Next to this will be bold facts about the current state of food waste in Scotland.

The Transition space will feature interactive games based on LoveFoodHateWaste cascade training where delegates can decipher portion sizes, learn about storage and dates. There will also be pickled vegetables available to taste with recipe cards.

The Future space is an opportunity for delegates to imagine what the future in terms of food waste might be like. From initiatives and policies needed to restaurants and foodstuffs in existence we will be collecting thoughts and pictures on post-its and displaying them collectively, along with some visual prompts and innovations as examples.

There will be opportunity to talk about the facts of the matter and the collective problem, simple manageable solutions we can all take and conversations around how to get to a more sustainable future.

After the event all fresh vegetables will be donated to a local food bank.


WHERE it will take place


United Kingdom
- Scotland


Renfrew Street
G11 7QX

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Glasgow School of Art (Radial)
# Educational Establishment

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