One without, please! / Eno brez, prosim!


WHAT will be done


Our Youth Center will be organizing an event on the town square in cooperation with the organisation that works with adult people with special needs. In the morning we would set up a stand with free coffee and cookies for those who will bring their own coffee cup to go. We would not have any plastic cups on our stand. Through our online networks, we would inform the local community about our action before the event and invite them to bring a cup with them. For others, we would also have ceramic cups available at our stand, which we received at the youth center by individuals who no longer needed them. The purpose is to get our morning coffee without any extra packaging.
When organizing the event, we will make sure that the coffee is packed in eco-friendly packaging, and we will buy milk in a bottle from local farmer. We will purchase biscuit ingredients on foot, contributing to a smaller carbon footprint. In local stores we will explore where we can get all the ingredients we need for cookies with none or as little packaging as possible. All the planning and event itself will be posted on our online networks. On the end, we will also share a list of local stores where we got all the necessary ingredients.


WHERE it will take place




Mestni trg

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Mladinski center Idrija
# Association/NGO

How can you get in contact:

You can reach us over mail adress:,
mobile phone: +386 51 231 049 or
our facebook page: Mladinski center Idrija.


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