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As part of the European Waste Reduction Week (16-24 November), on the theme of “education and communication to waste reduction”, Stars’n’Bars will offer a day full of fun and eco-friendly activities on November 17 from 13:00 to 18:00. Admission is free and open to all ages.

Workshops, stands, games as well as fashion and art projects will be animated by representatives of the government, associations and the private sector who will demonstrate that the best waste is the one that is not produced. The event will also feature music and video presentations.

Throughout the day, participants will have several opportunities to participate in waste pickups. Philippe Marengo (Suncy Concept) and Sebastien Uscher (Stand up for the Planet) will be on board a 100% electric and solar boat. They will raise awareness on the impact of marine debris and its impact on wildlife . Equipped with dip nets, they will pick up litter and explain that we all have the power to save our sea.

The company MonecoBike will organize a contest of waste collection on electric bikes. The winner will get a »ride for two » on an electric bike on the heights of Monaco. Two actions in one, which will highlight how clean and practical those means of transports are.

Elisa Alberto from Ecoslowasting will unveil how to enjoy a waste- free Christmas thanks to the first anti waste e-commerce platform on the French Riviera. Its mission: stop over-consumption, reduce waste, help suppliers to sell their unsold products, shift products close to the expiration date, while preserving the environment.

Celine and Juliette from La Ferme à la Maison will share their love for our region. Their concept is to offer organic, local, waste free and accessible food delivered at your door step through a return and deposit system. Their workshop will guide adults and children in their selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables. They will explain when to pick them and how to pick them out.

Straws and single-use plastic items were recently banned in the Principality and this is why The Department of the Environment and their partner EcoScience Provence will present different alternatives and offer children the opportunity to customize their own reusable straw. They will also present the label “Commerces Engagés”, which encourages businesses of the Principality to set up eco-responsible initiatives.

Au grammes près will showcase solutions to be become a zero waste expert. They will present as reusable cleansing wipes, stainless steel and bamboo starws, and bulk bags

At the end of the day, Radio Ethic will perform a one-hour live broadcast on the theme of waste reduction in the Principality. Government officials, representatives of the public sector, companies and associations will discuss possible solutions to reduce our waste and change our behavior at an individual, collective and institutional level.

Ecopolis and Monacology will hold an interactive DIY workshop. The two associations will show how to make your own hygiene products and cleaning products in order to reduce packaging. Ecopolis will set up good practice guide for “Zero Waste alternatives” in the field of hygiene and house maintenance. All the ideas collected during the workshop will feed Ecopolis’s website throughout the year. They will be joined by Catia Coias from Le Renard Apothicaire, who will be demonstrating the creation of a moisturizing and regenerating facial mask with chocolate, a mattifying powder and even an oatmeal make up remover.

Art will also have its place thanks to the participation of Anthony Alberti (Mr.One Teas) and Jérémy Besset. They will propose a sidewalk chalk painting workshop that will convey messages in a positive and environmentally friendly (non-polluting) way. Anthony Alberti, is an artist that is very passionate about the environment since 2012 with the launch of his “Recycl’Art” action which only uses objects recycled materials. Jérémy Besset is also an environmental advocate. He has spent several years developping a chalk festival in Mouans Sartoux where people can express themselves on the entire surface of the village. Jeremy Besset and Anthony Alberti will both produce a fresco on the ground loaded with eco messages.

Josephine Dionissoti (painter) will also join through exposing her art. Her work denounces the effects of plastic on the marine ecosystem, and the impact of waste on nature with provocative paintings filled with emotions.
L’Atelier de Virginie will involve children in creating a giant decoration using plastic bottle caps. This will motivate the younger genration to reduce waste be finding ways to creatively recycle everyday objects.

The world of fashion will also be present thanks to the circular economy fashion project of IUM (International University of Monaco) and the winner of the Mark Challenge Fashion prize, “LuxSeaTex”. They will present a fashion show featuring local brands using recycled materials, as well as “upcycling” activities, during which people can bring used clothes: volunteers and IUM students will inform the public about the different ways to give second life to their clothes.

ELOBAGS, a Menton-based company, will exhibit their range of personalized bespoke bags made from upcycled fabrics, locally sourced. Also featured a toiletries bag filled with zero waste personal care items including toothbrush, razor and beauty products. The company donates 1€ of each sale to the Association STAND UP FOR THE PLANET

The SMA (Monegasque Society for Sanitation) will propose the activity “Vis ma vie de Ripper” which will allow people to get into the collection truck for about 1 hour and thus participate in the collection of waste. An exhibition of litter on the Quai Antoine 1er will also raise awareness about Uncontrolled landfill deposits. It will also present vermicomposting; a system that turns kitchen waste into an ecological fertilizer. This system allows to compost indoors.
Cigarette butts are at the center of ecological concerns and that is why Top Nett S.A.M. will be a privileged partner of EcoMégot during the Waste Reduction Week. The association EcoMégot was born in Bordeaux in 2016, and aims to raise awareness, collect and give value to the millions of cigarette butts thrown away in France. As part of the partnership, Top Nett will be in charge of the collection and presentation of the initiative via an Eco-Megot stand to publicize the actions of the association.

The Secretariat of the RAMOGE Agreement will contribute to this event by exhibiting various materials and communication media related to marine litter. The supports will illustrate the biodegradability, ecological impacts as well as deliver recommendations on this issue.

The Oceanographic Museum will present an educational workshop on the consequences of plastic balloons on biodiversity (in particular on sea turtles and birds). They will ask the public to think about festive alternatives.

Hepburn Bio Care Group, a global distributor of 100% biodegradable, non-toxic ocean cleaning products, will hold a workshop to demonstrate the benefits of a super concentrated cleaning liquid and the use of Rechargeable aluminum bottles (eliminating the use of disposable plastic bottles).

Even the animals will have their green moment because the mascots of Hepburn Bio Care: Monty and Panda will also present their range of 100% organic dog shampoo.

The Mission for the Energy Transition will propose to the visitors to sign the National Pact for the Energy Transition, a voluntary commitment program allowing any resident, worker, company, association or institution of Monaco to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions. To sign the Pact each individual chooses concrete actions to implement, to reduce waste, save energy and use ecological means of transports. On the stand, the MTE will also offer visitors the opportunity to discover the Zero Waste best practices of members of the Pact through a slide show and listen to different radio interviews. Visitors will also be able to commit to zero waste actions, which they will write and attach to a “Christmas tree of commitments”.

It is under the leadership of HSH Albert II, that this initiative was able to see the day. This week will be punctuated by a multitude of events in the Principality as well internal actions, public events in order to achieve the goal : to cut the principality’s overall carbon footprint by 50% by 2030…and to be carbon neutral by 2050

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