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Reducing waste through environmental sustainability is probably one of the major challenge that our society is facing. In today’s lifestyle, demand for materials is increasing, along with the environmental damage associated with material extraction, processing transport and waste management. The challenge is to make a shift from the ‘use and throw’ mentality, to one where resources are re-used for as long as possible. The Ghajnsielem Local Council is well aware about the integral role and responsibility it has in reducing the amount of waste. In fact, we have embarked on a number of initiatives to target local households and residents with the final aim of achieving better waste management and recycling.

This summer we have introduced a large number of recycled bins for all outdoor events including large-scale events such as the village’s‘ Festa’. We are also lending these bins to all the local NGOs to use them during their activities. These have been welcomed by the general public and in fact tonnes of recycled waste have already been collected separately. The bins display educational fact (through colorful pictures) on what can you throw in them. The lids are locked and have only a small opening to ensure that they are not abused and end up being used for all sort of waste. The bins have been positively welcomed by the general public and we intend to increase further bins for next year.

We have also organised a Clean-up event in four locations including two valleys of the locality. Over 3.4 tons (sadly!) have been collected. Waste separation has also been implemented on site by the good number of volunteers who participated in this waste collection event.

Another waste reduction initiative has been taken by the present council where all major events must include an element of decoration made from recycled material. We also promote the fact that such events are decorated in a such a way. The aim is to send the message across that sometimes, beautiful things can be created by using simple things that would be otherwise thrown away. Here are some examples:

● HALLOWEEN EVENT DECORATION FROM RECYCLED BOTTLES During this year’s Halloween event, hundreds of plastic bottles donated by the residents were transformed into a light rope which is set to be used annually to decorate the “Haunted Garden” purposely being decorated for this event.

● LARGEST CROSS IN MALTA MADE FROM RECYCLED WOOD Another waste reduction initiative that we executed and which was also one of the highlights of the Easter season was the large wooden cross in Ta’ Passi fields (site of Bethlehem f’Ghajnsielem). This cross, the largest in Malta in terms of height, (50 feet) was covered entirely with recycled wood. It provided a spectacular view indeed and served as a main attraction for the Holy Week in Gozo.

● CHRISTMAS EVENTS The same concept of recycled wood will once again cover the new structures which will be built as new attractions at the nativity village of ‘Bethlehem f’Ghajnsielem’. Two trees will also be changed into large ‘Christmas Trees’ and will be decorated using recycled material.

We believe that education is the key to reduce wastage and improve waste separation. Last month we sent an A5 landscape sticker to all Ghajnsielem households with the collection schedule and how to separate waste. The flyer was sent on recycled paper and we wanted to send it as a sticker so that it can be glued in a prominent position inside the property (especially rented properties where tenants frequently change and do not know the collection schedule).

In order to instill in the general public the importance of waste reduction, the council believes that you have to start teaching the youngest generation because they are more willing to learn and embrace change in mentality. Infact for the European Waste Reduction Week we are to launch the “Feed the Bin” campaign at the Ghajnsielem Primary School. This campaign will be launched on the 20th November 2019.

The ‘FEED THE BIN’ is a sponsored paper recycling program that provides funding for mixed paper recycling at the Ghajnsielem Primary School. It also provides complimentary educational resources for students and teachers. Although the programme is mainly targeted at students who are in attendance in the primary school it is the intent to reach the rest of the resident as the students are expect to share the gathered information regarding solid waste and recycling with their families. This program is expected to be very successful not only in promoting recycling and reducing
waste at school but, also in educating students about solid waste issues. The objective of this project is that the school recycle mixed paper that consists of:

– white and colored paper,
– brochures,
– pamphlets,
– envelopes,
– file folders,
– junk mail,
– letterhead,
– magazines and catalogs,
– newspaper,
– notebook paper,
– posters,
– and sticky notes.

In addition, the school is already recycling cardboard, cans, and bottles along with miscellaneous items such as ink cartridges, batteries, and crayons through their own contractor. To achieve all this, a successful recycling program is to be implemented in order to provide a service learning component for students to be actively engaged in this program. This action creates a sense of teamwork and responsibility when students are given charge to move recyclables through the school. To make this campaign more attractive and fun, the school may form clubs and teams to collect the bins and hold contests, make announcements during the school day about the class that managed to separate waste most. Most importantly, this component is essential to teach citizenship, teamwork, and problem solving skills among students. To have the best results in this project, the school is required to have an interactive assembly-style presentation at first to firmly set expectations and develop good recycling habits among both students, teachers, and staff.


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Triq J F de Chambray

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Ghajnsielem Local Council
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They can always contact us by phone 356 21561515, email ghajnsielem.lc@gov.mt, by facebook and messenger.


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