Förpackningsspanarna/Package Scouts


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Our action is to reduce packaging waste with help from students in 5th to 6th grade (11-12 years old) – The Package Scouts. We offer teachers a material including a film, readymade presentations and a tutorial.

Lecture no 1. The students watch the film The Package Scouts (90 sec) to get inspired for the project. The next step for them is to make their own glasses made of used packing materials – Packing Scout glasses. When they are ready with their glasses they are divided into four groups – paper, glass, plastic and metal. The assignment for each group is to do a research about the material assigned to them and present their result at the next lecture.

Lecture no 2. Each group has a presentation of what they have learned about their specific material. What is its raw material, energy consumption when refining, etc. When all presentations are done it’s time to enter the world outside. It’s time for them to put on their special glasses!!!

Lecture no 3. The class makes a fieldtrip to a store or a shopping mall. With their new glasses they can spot and identify good or bad packaging. If they find a product with an oversized packaging or with a lot of unnecessary layers of materials, they can chose to contact the producer and encourage them to make them more environmentally friendly.

Lecture no 4. They summarize all their new insights into a report and send it to us if they wish to enter our competition. Twice a year we select three of the reports to get a reward of some kind.


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Hjällbo Lillgata

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Kretslopp och vatten, Göteborgs Stad
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