From Blue to Green to A Sustainable Future. (BluetoGreen)From Blue to Green to A Sustainable Future. (BluetoGreen)


WHAT will be done


We have started the ”From Blue to Green, to A Sustainable Future(BluetoGreen)’’ Project in March 2021 and have been conducting a series of activities meanwhile. BluetoGreen Project has a lot of value-added actions. We installed a compost facility to recycle moss and other wastes in the Çiftlikköy. The compost is produced in 7-14 days in the Compost Recylecs Facility. It includes recycling, also the importance of wastes collection (eggshells, green waste and tea pulp). Moreover by using the mosses contribute to a saving environment that doesn’t send to landfill.  We have been regularly collecting the wastes recycled as composts that are used for planting and distributing composts that are the output of the project products with 1lt or 5lt packaging to the city’s farmers or people who request it, for free.
Children are our future. So they are so important to raising awareness about waste recycling to save our future world. That is why we choose the children as the main character of the  EWWR actions. In the context of the BluetoGreen Project, we will conduct waste collection and recycling actions with elementary school students. Also,  dissemination activity will be conducted for the Bluetogreen EWWR Actions.

Firstly, the Project Team of the Çiftlikköy Municipality will organize a seminar about raising awareness of the waste collection to the students in Çiftlikköy GSD Elementary  School with the coordination of Çiftlikköy Directorate of National Education on November 22. Also, information will be given to students about the next action (waste recycling action). About which wastes can be collected for the compost and how they will collect them at home. Thus students will start to collect their waste in 4 days for the next action. Thanks to that they can realize how important our wastes are and they will learn how these wastes are processed and brought to nature again. Moreover, the parents will be influenced implicitly by their children.

Secondly, our environmental engineer will make a presentation about the Bluetogreen project within the context of the EWWR Actions, Municipality Experience Sharing Zoom Meeting that will be held by the Marmara Municipalities Union (MMU) on November 25. This meeting will be conducted in the scope of the MMU Local Administration Academy so Municipalities that are in the Marmara Region will be attended the Municipality Experience Sharing Zoom Meeting.  Thus more than 100 Municipalities will be reached for dissemination.

Finally; 30 students who are members of the Green and Environmental Protection Student Club and who attended the seminar will collect wastes at their homes. Meanwhile, Çiftlikköy Municipality will provide waste boxes to the classes. Students will bring into school this waste for recycling action on November 26. Within the same day, students will visit the Çiftlikköy Municipality Compost Recycling Facility with the waste boxes. They will recycle these wastes and the moss that is collected by the Municipality into the compost with their own hands in the facility. In 7-14 days, the produced compost mixture as 1 lt will be given to students who attended recycling activities when the composts are produced. The updates of activities will be published on Çiftlikköy official website and social media accounts with visibility of EWWR. So all of the city members will inform aware of the EWWR actions. Thanks to these actions, students will become conscious of waste collection and recycling.


WHERE it will take place




Çiftlikköy District of the Yalova City
Çiftlik Street

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Çiftlikköy Municipality
# Administration/Public Authority

How can you get in contact:
+90 226 3528114, mob: +905514153799


will it happen?

Dates of the proposed action:

22/11/21, 25/11/21, 26/11/21


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