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WEEE MALTA’s participation during the European Week for Waste reduction.

Who WE(EE) Are?
WEEE Malta is an authorized National Compliance Scheme that manages the collection, recovery and recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment on behalf of EEE producers/importers.

WEEE Malta operates on a not for profit basis and is fully owned by the Malta Chamber of SME’s, GRTU.

The Scheme advises producer members on compliance obligations under the EU WEEE Directive transposed to Maltese Law by LN 204 of 2014.
We work hand in hand with Importers/Retailers, Local Authorities, Local Councils, other collection points and stakeholders to develop the WEEE take back system in Malta.

WEEE Malta Action under ‘Waste sorting and recycling’

E-waste is among the fastest growing waste streams across the world today, with its growth fuelled by exponential growth in the use of electronic equipment, especially IT and consumable equipment like PCs and TVs, and their rapid rate of obsolescence. The disposal of e-waste is a major problem because of the presence of toxic elements such as lead, mercury, and cadmium. The backyard recycling operations are mostly rudimentary in nature, causing extensive damage to both the environment and human health. Therefore, there is an urgent need to create more awareness among stakeholders and the general public on how to dispose-off well this type of waste.

WEEE Malta already provides a WEEE collection service to all producer members operating a take – back system. All Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment is collected from businesses and delivered to authorized facilities against a Consignment Note approved by the Competent Authority. The Scheme also ascertain that all of the material is then treated for either reuse or recycling.
To help creating more awareness, WEEE Malta will this year take part during the European Waste Reduction Week by communicating, encouraging and assisting the general public to think twice before disposing electric and electronic material away that could be saved from landfill.

WEEE Malta’s awareness campaign would include advertorial slots on radio and the use of new media to reach different audiences and explain better how the general community can dispose of well of any waste electric and electronic equipment.
To give tangible solutions, WEEE Malta will then launch a direct free-phone line and extend the free collection service to households. The Free Phone Number is 8007 4444. Campaign would start on the 16th of November while the free phone number will be available from the 18th till the end of the EWWR.

For every WEEE unit/item collected, WEEE Malta giving €1 (one Euro) to a voluntary organization listed with the Commissioner of Voluntary Organisation.

Furthermore, WEEE Malta will also supply a number of WEEE Trollies (to be launched separately) to local councils and schools to serve as collection points. The trollies would serve both as adverts and efficient way to reduce small WEEE being disposed wrongly in the black bags and ending into the landfill.


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Triq il-Madonna tad-Dawl
The Green Hub
QRM 1034

Action Developer

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WEEE Malta
# Business/Industry

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Chief Operations Officer


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19/11/2016, 21/11/2016, 22/11/2016, 23/11/2016, 24/11/2016, 25/11/2016


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