Give or Take Day and Hackney Fixer Electrical Repair Workshop


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Give or Take days are a great way of getting rid of items that residents don’t need, and taking items they do. Residents can simply turn up on the day with items that they want to give, or come along and take what they need. Participants don’t have to give something to take something. They’re like jumble sales without money. Our Give or Take days are run in partnership with Forest Recycling Project, a social enterprise and charity with environmental and social aims. At the event, Hackney Fixer (a joint project of Sustainable Hackney and Hackney and Tower Hamlets Friends of the Earth) will deliver a repair workshop where they will fix electrical and electronics for free and will share their skills with participants. Event details: Sunday 18 November, 11am to 3pm, Lauriston School, 55 Rutland Road E9 7JS.


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United Kingdom
- Aragon


Lauriston School
55 Rutland Road
E9 7JS

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London Borough of Hackney
# Administration/Public Authority

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