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WHAT will be done


The school will team up with Senglea Community Gardens and the Local Council to help with the renovation of an urban area in Senglea. by upcycling used material. A large canopy will be the start. This canopy will be created out of the used clothes donated by the whole community to the school. The clothes are sorted and those clothes that are not needed will be put in a box to be donated or thrown in the RefabLightblue waste bins. The start of the canopy will happen on 23rd November at school and will continue on the premises of the Local Council by the members of Senglea Community Garden and the school community. The children will create a video clip on how to upcycle used clothes and its importance.

Preparation and outreach
The school meets a member from Senglea Community Gardens to discuss the area that is planned for renovation.
Children at school are asked to donate colourful used clothes to the school. A note will be put on social media. The archpriest Father Rueben will tell people about this event and ask them to donate used clothes to school. During gospel, the Father will also treat Sustainable Consumption. Senglea Community Gardens will also ask for these donations. The Local Council will also put an advert on the website.

The NGO Move will be contacted for the possibility of painting games in the area under the canopy. This will be a continuation with the paintings already being done at school and it will also create more awareness that upcycling instead of buying new objects can serve the purpose as well because the canopy will create shade.

Eco School members will visit the Textiles Lab in the Middle School so that they can learn about the negative impact the textile industry is creating on the environment. Eco school members will share their knowledge with their school mates during the morning school assembly so that the children learn more about the importance of sustainable consumption of clothes and the high environmental and social impact this sector has in every phase: from production, to distribution, use, and after use (collection, sorting, recycling, and final waste management, which is most of the time related to incineration and landfills. The members will also make a video about their experience and enhanced knowledge.

During Science lessons children will investigate textiles.
A reading comprehension regarding jeans and its environmental impact will be done in language lessons with the junior classes and with the early years

A prominent female Maltese singer who has the sustainable consumption of clothes at heart is contacted for the possibility of visiting the school or sending a video message to the school about the importance of this subject with regards to climate change.

Refablightblue will be contacted to explain the reason behind correct clothes disposal.

The event
On the 23rd November, the children together with their relatives, members of Senglea Community Gardens and anyone who would like to join will be involved in the preparation of this canopy whereby they are shown how to cut clothes in strips and tie them in a bundle. Each bundle will be given to the members of Senglea Community Gardens who, on the day, will demonstrate how to use the crochet method to build the canopy. All the work will be shared on social media.

Development and continuation
Mainstream class will go at the Local Council to be involved in the creation of this canopy.
The children will also learn how to use the crochet method to create other objects like cushions and /or rugs and/or bags. and with Christmas round the corner Christmas stockings. A video clip on how to upcycle used clothes into useful things will be done by the children and shared with other schools as well as on social media.

By the end of this scholastic year, the canopy as well as other material such as cushions, rugs, the game painted on the ground etc will be finalised and put in the area being renovated.


WHERE it will take place




Old Prison Street
St. Margaret College, Senglea Primary, no. 4
ISL 1031

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


St. Margaret College Senglea Primary School
# Educational Establishment

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