Green New Deal (Grön omställning)Green New Deal (Grön omställning)


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The Green new deal project in Gothenburg is a sustainability-themed labour market effort,
where practice and theory are combined. It offers internships for 18-25 year olds who are currently not in studies or employed. During 2021 we have had 250 interns and currently 60 interns are completing their internship.

The internship lasts for 3 months and takes place in a in a second-hand shop at Stadsmissionen (a humanitarian NGO), which provides experience in sustainable consumption, waste prevention, waste management, valuation, store work, customer service and e-commerce. We teach the theory of how global processes affect people’s everyday lives and how the individual can live sustainably as well as sustainable resource management, waste hierarchy, the reuse sector and information about how the 2030 Agenda is being implemented in the City of Gothenburg.

During the EWWR, we will highlight our initiative and present how these type of labour market efforts can be part of the solution to set the foundation for circular communities and give young people the chance to gain experience within circular economy.

Schedule for the Green new deal during EWWR:

Monday: Visiting the Reuse arena in Gothenburg (which is part of a recycling centre), Återbruket, where they learn how the municipality works with waste prevention, circular projects, reuse, waste sorting and recycling.

Tuesday: Invite their friends and family backstage in out three different second-hand locations to learn more about how Stadsmissionen works with Remake and where Stadsmissionen collects all their gifts.

Wednesday: Everyone will attend our other EWWR Action, The Green New Deal at the Auction House

Thursday: The interns, together with the Food-central of Stadsmissionen, Matcentralen, will be serving soup – made out of food waste – in front of the stores. Matcentralen is a warehouse and logistics business that receives large volumes of food that would otherwise have been thrown away. The food is donated primarily from the food industry, due to short dates, outgoing items, crushed packaging or mislabeling. This will teach the interns more about how to avoid food waste.

Friday: The interns will present their final project (a remake-, or sustainability projects) before the project management. The thesis theme is Circular communities. We will sum up what happened during the week and present what the City of Gothenburg will do going  forward. Stadsmissionen will also be presenting a new concept, the Sustainable wardrobe, which will be presented and sent live for all citizens to see.


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22/11/21, 23/11/21, 24/11/21, 25/11/21, 26/11/21


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