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Our main focus is on creating awareness about the negative effects of waste, how to reduce it, as well as how to sort it, recycle it, and give it a new life! A secondary focus will also be on environmental health. A session will be held at the University of Malta, mainly aiming at university students, but anyone is welcome to attend. During the session the following topics will be discussed; waste & its horrific consequences, environmental health, simple changes in everyday practices which have a massive impact in waste reduction as well as information on how to manage waste more sustainably at home etc (because although it’s something that might seem simple for some, not everybody knows how). We also plan to include an activity to make the session more interactive and help the understanding of those attending the session. Some external speakers will also be invited to speak at our sessions, such as a respiratory consultant who would be able to explain the effects of air pollution on our health through the mismanagement of waste. Prior to the session two questionnaires will be distributed. The first questionnaire will include questions about participants’ waste management practices (e.g. if they recycle at home, how they do it etc), while the second will include questions related to the session being given to see what their knowledge is on the topics being discussed. The latter will then be distributed again at the end of the session to see what the participants learnt from the session. At the end of the session a feedback form will also be distributed. An online social media campaign will also be held in conjunction with this event which will take place throughout the whole week.


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Triq tal-Qroqq
Students' House, University of Malta
MSD 2080

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Malta Medical Students' Association
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