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At Hubside.Store, we are convinced that it is possible to combine ecology, social commitment and economy. That’s why we are committed to promoting circular economy and digital inclusion by launching “Hubside.Store change together”, a pan-European eco-responsible and citizen campaign available in France, Spain and Portugal, in partnership with Ateliers du Bocage, Ecologic, Emmaus Connect in France, as well as with Fundacion Ecologic and Fundacion Amigo in Spain and Electrao and Entrayuda in Portugal.

From September 18th to October 8th 2022 and from December 1st to 28th 2022, you can give a second life to your old mobile phones and tablets by visiting will donate 10 euros to Fundacion Amigo in Spain and to Entrayuda in Portugal, for every device collected in one of the participating shops, to support social inclusion projects and reduce the digital divide.

All devices collected as part of this initiative will be donated to non-profit organisations to support training and digital divide reduction projects. Non-repairable equipment will be managed by the national eco-organism partner of the initiative in Iberia (Fundacion Ecolec et Electrao), in order to be recycled through an appropriate waste recycling process.

Give your old phones and tablets a new life!

For more information, please visit Hubside.Store website!


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Spain - Madrid


Hubside.Store Islazul, Calle Calderilla, 1, 28054 Madrid

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