Installation Studies from Wastes in Buca


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We wanted to turn waste materials into works of art in animal figures to draw attention to the issue of recycling against the unavoidable ambition of consumption. Most of the waste materials consist of materials that can be reused for the same or a different purpose, and recycling of these materials is extremely important in terms of preserving the balance of nature and reducing the damage to nature. Most vehicles that were unplanned and produced in order to sustain and facilitate human life began to consist of substances that nature could not destroy in thousands of years, and we started to produce a lot of waste with heavy consumption. Adding to the overconsumption, the deteriorating climate balance and the effects of global warming, it becomes inevitable that many plant and animal species will disappear. We tried to think of remarkable and striking activities because of creating waste awareness in people. We decided to create this action by combining it with art.

We designed animal figures made of metal skeletons. We designed many animal figures and tried to consider the endangered animal species. We chose to produce rhino and elephant figures for the Waste Reduction Week. Click on the link to see the installation works we will create by combining our animal figures with waste:

We plan to throw plastic waste into our metal-skeleton animal figures. Today, people still cannot separate their waste at its source. We plan to make the separation of wastes at their source attractive with our installation works. Our installation works will primarily be used in front of our municipality building where there is a heavy human traffic. With the continuation of production, it will be positioned in our busy parking areas. Thus, together with our city dwellers, we will make art from waste and we will witness that we produce too much waste in sight. We will also separate the plastic covers thrown into the animal figures. Because we will donate to Turkey Spinal Cord Injury Association. Thus, plastic product covers will turn into manual or battery powered wheelchairs. Maybe we can make our first donation during the Waste Reduction Week 

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Menderes Street

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Buca Municipality
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