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WHAT will be done


Minimize handouts distributed
• Give assignments that do not need to be written
• Copy and print on both sides of the paper
• Use the Internet for research assignments instead of magazines and newspapers
• Post assignments and documents online
• Copy materials onto a CD or flash drive
• Use supplies purchased in bulk Reuse or Donation
• Keep a scrap paper box
• Reuse school supplies, such as folders and binders
• Create a school supply exchange
• Collect unclaimed items at the end of the year to donate
• Reuse or donate used textbooks Recycling
• Provide separate containers for recyclable materials and trash
• Recycle white paper
• Return toner cartridges to the manufacturer or vendor for remanufacturing
• Recycle out-of-date textbooks -> Buy Recycled
• Update mailing lists to avoid unnecessary mailings
• Print addresses directly on envelopes instead of using labels
• Route memos electronically
• Maintain a centralized filing system online
• Repair broken equipment or Donate
• Reuse incoming packaging for outgoing shipments
• Establish “clean out the office” days and reuse the collected materials Recycling
• Provide separate containers for recyclable materials and trash
• Use washable, durable trays, utensils, and dishware
• Offer mugs to employees
• Donate edible food to shelters
• Use inedible food as animal feed
• Recycle: o plastic bottles o glass bottles o aluminium, steel, and tin cans o food for composting o cardboard o boxboard o grease and oil o juice boxes and milk containers OTHER Reduce Waste
• Use cloth-towel machines or air dryers in restrooms rather than paper towels Reuse or Donation
• Donate used furnishings and equipment
• Find a new use for older computers and cell phones Recycling
• Place recycling bins in convenient locations
• Recycle computers or cell phones that are no longer functional


WHERE it will take place




Manwel Dimech Str

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


am Language Studio
# Educational Establishment

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Sales and Marketing Manager


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