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Our team of Waste Prevention Officers and repair specialists are looking forward to meeting you at this Repair Café! Bring along old or damaged belongings such as clothes and bicycles to be potentially fixed by repair specialists, for free. If you prefer to upcycle old clothes with a fashionable twist that’s no problem, bring your creative ideas with you, too. In addition to fixing an item, the repair specialists will train you one-on-one throughout the repair process, so that you can repair or upcycle items yourself in the future.

Please note that the following terms and conditions will be applied:
1.For bike repairs: only one bicycle is allowed per person, please be aware that spare parts such as tires, are not provided during the event.
2.For textile repairs: please note that you can only bring up to 3 pieces of textile with you to be mended.

Read more about the Repair Café events and how they will run on the day here:és/


WHERE it will take place


United Kingdom
- Aragon


Hurlock Street, London
N5 1ED

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


North London Waste Authority
# Administration/Public Authority

How can you get in contact:

Ph: 07976 864 014 (ext. 1187)

Twitter: @WiseUpToWaste
Instagram: WiseUpToWaste


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Reuse and preparing for reuseThematic Focus: invisible waste

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