Keeping Ghajnsielem’s environ impeccably clean


WHAT will be done


An informative morning full of activities targeted for all sectors and ages. The activities will vary from an animated show ” Save the drop” about the importance of saving water, targeted mainly for the young ones to a “cooking session” targeted mainly for more advance ages on how to cook from food left-overs. All sessions are aimed on educating people on the reducing, re-using and the importance of recycling their waste. Informative sessions on compost making, the importance of eco-shopping, waste separation and the importance of the using of the local Civic Amenity sites are to be held at various points. A hands-on mosaic making session will also be help by teaching people how they can used broken plates, ceramics, mugs etc. and transform them into piece of arts. A session on how to do decoration from recycle material is also to be held. A car boot sale is also to be organised thereat in order to promote the importance of sharing and exchanging your ‘unwanted objects’ with those to whom they may be ‘useful’. This morning of activities will end up by the launching of the Ghajnsielem Local Council’s cleaning the locality campaign, that of the introducing of recycled bins, dog-litterbins and informative signs.


WHERE it will take place




Triq J F de Chambray

Action Developer

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Ghajnsielem Local Council
# Administration/Public Authority

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Executive Secretary


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