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Campaign: Long live the gadget/Länge leve prylen
Three waste management companies representing 11 municipalities collaborate in the waste-minimization project Skitlite 2020. During EWWR we are launching a campaign during EWWR with the aim to draw attention to the unnecessary waste of gadgets, stuff and belongings. We want to adress the fact that we can reduce waste by repairing, reusing, repurposing and taking care of our belongings and to give stuff & things a longer life.
Last year during EWWR we launched a web-platform called Länge leve prylen/Long live the gadget with information, inspiration, tips & tricks about reusing and reducing. This year we are using the platform to once again adress the importance of waste reduction with a number of different actions:
– Social media contest: We give your broken stuff a second chance!
Did you rip your favorite pair of jeans? Or did you crack your iPad-screen? During EWWR we give a couple of broken/worn-out/trashed favorites a second chance. People who are interested to join the contest are invited to upload a picture of their thing/clothing item/belonging, that needs to be fixed or repaired in some way in order to not become waste, on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #längeleveprylen together with a couple of lines about the item. We will pick some of the items and repair them.
With this contest we want to highlight the fact that way too much stuff end up as waste due to lack of knowledge of how to fix stuff, lack of maintenance or the fact that it sometimes is cheaper to buy new stuff rather than fixing them.
We are marketing the contest with online-ads, on Facebook as well as an info-mercial on the local trains.
– Information and attention: Ambassadors that give stuff a second chance
We want to draw attention to all the people, companies, organizations etc in our region that gives things another chance every day. Like the guys at Grannsaker that has created a site where neighbors can share stuff with each other. Ideas that make it possible to consume and use stuff in a more sustainable way.
During EWWR we are publishing these stories on www.langeleveprylen.se. We are also publishing it in our info-ad in the local newspaper in some of our municipalities.
Other actions relating to Long live the gadget /Länge leve prylen:
– Christmas calendar Long live the gadget /Länge leve prylen
During December we’re publishing a Christmas calendar online on www.langeleveprylen.se with facts out waste-reduction. This is collaboration with the Swedish Waste Management-organization.
– Ambassadors network – Long live the gadget /Länge leve prylen
We want to support companies, people, and organizations in our region that contributes to waste reduction – from repair shops to second hand stores. In order to do this we are inviting this target group to a networking event in January/February. The purpose is to create a forum where they can exchange ideas and experiences, as well as an opportunity for us to inform them about why waste reduction is important and relevant. We are also inviting speakers to inspire and boost the business ideas of the ambassadors.


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Skitlite2020/Cut the Crap 2020 - a collaboration between LSR, NSR and Nårab
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23/11/2015, 24/11/2015, 25/11/2015, 26/11/2015, 27/11/2015, 28/11/2015, 29/11/2015


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