Legal Affairs Directorate – Zero Waste : 24 Hours Challenge


WHAT will be done


Our staff awareness action is called “Legal Affairs Directorate – Zero Waste : 24 Hours Challenge”.

It would consist of showing how simple actions, taken over the course of the day, can reduce waste production in the workplace. Starting in the early morning when employees prepare to go to work (by presenting solid cosmetics and reusable elements like oriculi, washable cotton, etc.), the Zero Waste challenge carries on through the morning with Zero Waste drinking (by using a reusable water bottle), followed by a Zero Waste lunch (by bringing on a reusable container to where they buy their food, and using reusable cutlery, plate and napkin), and ends on the way back home by buying a Zero Waste “baguette” (by bringing a reusable bag at the bakery).

This action would consist in a “Zero Waste breakfast” (pastries bought in reusable bag, coffee and tea prepared without producing any waste) during which a PowerPoint presentation would be shown by two employees.


WHERE it will take place


Principality of Monaco


Avenue Albert II

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Direction des Affaires Juridiques
# Administration/Public Authority

How can you get in contact:

La sensibilisation est réservée aux collaborateurs de la Direction des Affaires Juridiques.


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