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LET’S MAKE CYPRUS GREEN is committed to eliminating plastic waste on the island through education, action, and prevention. We will have a cleanup event on Sun, November 18th at Zakaki Marsh, an area which has many water birds. The litter we collect will be recorded and recycled or disposed of properly. Recording data on the trash we collect allows us to influence long-term solutions and decision making by using the analyzed data to educate the public, local business, and government officials about the scale and serious consequences of Cyprus’s littering and marine debris problem.

After the clean-up, we will make our way towards the bird hide to do some bird watching. Telescopes, binoculars, as well as bird guides and other information material, will be provided. The following will also be provided:
– Recycling/trash bags
– Refreshments
– First aid kit
– A truck to collect the trash
– Garbage bins
– Garden & latex gloves.

We only recommend the volunteers wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

During our monthly cleanup events, plastic is the number one most picked up material. Plastic is a recently developed material (early 20th century), but its use has risen exponentially. Now, quite suddenly, it is realized how much damage it is doing to the environment. Because of this, we will bring our line of environmentally friendly products. These products are an eco-friendly alternative to everyday dangerous plastic products; which have been made from eco-friendly materials preventing future pollution. We have implemented a strict product principle for the production process of each product. Every product must have at least two of the three following criteria:

1. Be compostable or biodegradable so they do not stay around in the environment for very long
2. Contain no toxins or harmful ingredients
3. Made from recycled or recyclable materials

With these products, we hope to encourage the participants of the cleanup to adopt habits that lead to environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible choices in ways of living which help to protect the environment and sustain its natural resources.


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Zakaki Marsh

Action Developer

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Let's Make Cyprus Green
# Association/NGO

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Email: letsmakecyprusgreen@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/letsmakecyprusgreen/
Instagram: @letsmakecyprusgreen


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