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What determines people’s decision to participate in such a pro-environmental behavior as recycling? According to considerable empirical literature, three main drivers may be distinguished:
(1) user-friendly infrastructure for household waste sorting;
(2) residents’ awareness about the benefits of recycling;
(3) and residents’ enviromental values and motivation to sort.
Examining studies carried out on the context of Lithuania, it could be seen, that the first factor is given much attention, while the concern regarding other two elements is missing. Various analysis clearly indicate that:
– Lithuanian society considers the disposal of waste as a significant environmental concern, but this issue is not at the forefront of their minds;
– Significant part of society supports recycling, but only low percentage of people are able to name what value and benefits this activity creates;
– Distorted information about the sorted waste management process is spread; distrust about waste recycling system prevails; charges for waste disposal and management are perceived as socially unjust.
Lithuanian government has set ambitious targets regarding amounts of waste going to landifills, however, by assessing the current situation, it appears that they will not be reached at the time specified.

DESCRIPTION OF EWWR ACTION – ‘Let’s make recycling easy!”: informational tour through Lithuania

In order to empower and engage Lithuanian residents into household waste sorting, informational/educational campaign ‘Let’s make recycling easy!” will be organized.
It will be targeted to the residents of block flats. Near the area where waste containers are placed, team of volunteers will set up temporary/mobile “consultation centre”. They will meet there residents who want to dispose their household waste. By using interactive communication methods, volunteers will try to inform, teach and, if necessary, help residents properly sort their household waste. Volunteers will attempt to answer all difficult sorting questions – is dirty tara is recyclable; should tetrapak be placed in paper or plastic container, etc. Information booklets on sorting requirements will be distributed. For those who demonstrate positive waste management habits, motivational prizes will be provided.
Campaign will be held as a tour through several Lithuanian city.Four events will be organized in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, also five additional events will be organized in other towns – Kaunas, Molėtai, Druskininkai, Lazdijai.


WHERE it will take place




Sermuksniu g.

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Lithuanian Green Party

How can you get in contact:

Project manager; Member of Civil Initiatives Committee


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Dates of the proposed action:

21/11/2015, 22/11/2015, 28/11/2015, 29/11/2015


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