Made with love from 100% reclaimed wood


WHAT will be done


In today’s busy and hectic world Emanuel Sammut finds comfort in nature. His love towards trees and woodcraftimg shows through the range of colourful, wooden toys and artefacts, that recall nostalgic games from his childhood.

THESE TOYS AND ARTEFACTS ARE ALL MADE FROM 100% RECLAIMED WOOD, made with love and are unique. Each item is a character to be enjoyed alone or together as an invitation for a mere dialogue or play.

All items are crafted in an envirinment of joy, honour and respect towards nature, which I hope can be transmitted further through the enjoyment of these wooden artefacts.

All wooden artefacts and toys are made with love, OF NATURAL RESOURCES WHICH WERE DISPOSED OF- it is an invitation for a new way of seeing a piece of discarded wood. I give it back to nature in a new form. May they live to tell many tales.


WHERE it will take place




Imselliet l/o Zebbiegh
San Anton School
++356 79487003

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Emanuel Sammut (Atelier Manuel)
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How can you get in contact:

Atelier Manuel (facebook page)
Through facebook, by email, mobile ++356 79487003


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