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Malegno is a small country situated in the north of Italy (two hours far from Milan) in a beautiful mountain landscape that put all his effort to be an eco-friendly country with several action like: PAESC, the European agreement on pesticide-free cities, mountain agriculture recovery work, door-to-door collection of waste sorting for making some example. And another important goal is education and childhood. The most of the time this goal and the eco-sensibility are intertwined.

In order to raise awareness of the consumption of plastic this year we want to propose the project  called “Major’s water”. This is an action of prevention and sensibilization of the thematic of reduction of consuming of plastic in the citizen’s house.

The project isn’t starting in the present. Infact, two years ago, the middle school of Malegno with the high school “ghislandi” of Breno made a chemical study that determined that the tap water is as good as the plastic bottle water. That was a wonderful surprise! We have a good tap water, why buy plastic bottle water? We could save a lot of waste of plastic with a really simple change of habit.

The project consist in give at every kid’s from 0 to 14 years (300 people more or less) a glass bottle that it could be use at home to drink tap water. This bottle will be put in an elastic bag with printed a logo of “major’s water” and with a brochure in recycled paper that explain the bad effect that the plastic have on nature, especially when it is not recycle in the right way, or worst, abandoned in the nature. Moreover the brochure explain how good is the glass for store food and drink. Besides we made an analysis of the money saved with using the glass bottle instead the plastic bottle and furthermore the impact of the production of plastic, the transport of the plastic bottle.

The bottle will be delivered on foot from a group of voluntary citizen house from house. Following the limitation of the current sanitary emergency we can’t organize a sensitization meeting that could be useful to share more eco-practice, but we will organize as soon as the emergency will finish. We will use social media to spread the action

Therefore we explain how a simple and little change of our habit we could make a very important changment in the consumption of resource, the production of CO2 and waste, a saving of money and a better respect of our nature.


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viale donatori di sangue

Action Developer

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Comune di Malegno
# Administration/Public Authority

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27/11/20, 28/11/20, 29/11/20


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